How To: Register extremely large feature classes as multiversioned


When attempting to register an extremely large feature class in ArcCatalog or an ArcObjects application using 'Register as versioned', the command seems to hang or run for several hours. Instructions provided describe a process to register large feature classes as multiversioned.


The process of registering a feature class as versioned in the database computes the table statistics by analyzing the object. Based on the size of the object being analyzed, the process can take an extremely long time.

If the table being versioned contains several million rows, it is recommended that you first analyze the table in the database.

For example, in Oracle's SQL*Plus the owner of the table would execute the following command:


A sample size of 10 percent on a table with several million rows is sufficient to build table statistics.

When the table contains statistics, the 'Register as versioned' command detects that the statistics are present and does not analyze the table, but continues to register the table as versioned.

To learn if and when statistics were computed for a table using SQL*Plus, execute the following statement while connected as the user who owns the table:

SQL> select last_analyzed from user_tables where table_name = 'NAME';

If the table being versioned is a layer, be sure to analyze the additional feature and spatial tables.

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