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FAQ: What are all the file extensions related to ArcView?


What are all the file extensions related to ArcView?


This is an extensive list of file formats supported for ArcView 3.x. Please see the Desktop Help for their respective user guides.

adf - ARC/INFO coverage data file
agf - Atlas GIS native binary geodataset file
ain - attribute index file
aih - attribute index file
apr - ArcView Project File (ODB format)
avl - legend template file (ODB format)
avp - palette file (ODB format)
ave - Avenue script
avx - ArcView extension file (ODB format)
ai - Adobe Illustrator picture file
bat - DOS batch file
bil - image file (band interleaved by line)
bip - image file (band interleaved by pixel)
blw - world file for bil image
bmp - Windows bitmap image file
bpw - world file for bip or bmp images
bsq - image file (band sequential)
bqw - world file for bsq image
c - C programming language source code filename
cat - UNIX hyperhelp supporting file
cgm - Computer Graphics Metafile
cls - geocoding classification file
cnt - help file contents
dat - generic data file extension
dat - INFO attribute file
db - Object Database File (also ODB)
dbf - dBASE tabular data file
dbf - Shapefile attribute table file
dbg - problem debug log file
dcp - default codepage file
dct - geocoding dictionary file
dec - UNIX hyperhelp supporting file
def - defaults file (North Arrows, Layout Templates, etc) (ODB format)
dem - Digital Elevation Model file
dgn - Design drawing file (Intergraph)
dir - INFO directory manager file
dlg - Digital Line Graph file
dll - Windows Dynamic Link Library file
doc - MS-Word, MS-Wordpad document file
dtd - UNIX hyperhelp supporting file
dwg - Drawing file (AutoCAD)
dxf - Drawing exchange file
e00 - ARC/INFO export file
eps - Encapsulated PostScript
exe - DOS/Windows executable file
fbn - spatial index file for read-only datasets
fbx - spatial index file for read-only datasets
fls - Windows help supporting file
ftg - UNIX help supporting file
fts - UNIX help supporting file
gen - ARC/INFO UnGenerate format
gfw - world file for gif image
gif - image file (CompuServe)
hdr - header file (for ArcView extensions or TIF images)
hlp - Windows help file
htm - WWW file (hypertext markup, 3-character DOS version)
html- WWW file (hypertext markup language, UNIX version)
ico - Icon file
idx - geocoding index for read-only datasets
img - ERDAS Imagine image file
ini - initialization file
ixc - geocoding index for read-write coverages
ixs - geocoding index for read-write shapefiles
jpg - image file (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
key - geocoding matching keys (ODB format)
lin - ARC/INFO lineset symbol file
lnk - Windows shortcut icon link file
mat - geocoding matching parameters file
mcp - image file (MacPaint)
mid - MapInfo interchange format (always paired with "mif")
mif - MapInfo interchange format (always paired with "mid")
mrk - ARC/INFO markerset symbol file (not compatible w/ArcView)
mxc - geocoding index for read-write coverages (ODB format)
mxs - geocoding index for read-write shapefiles (ODB format)
nit - INFO table definitions file
ndx - fonts index file (UNIX only)
nls - Codepage language files
odb - Object Database ASCII file (ODB format)
pat - geocoding pattern recognition file
pdf - preferences definition file
pif - Windows program information file (for DOS programs)
pps - processing set codes
prj - projections definition file
ps - PostScript file
rlc - image file (run-length coding)
rs - image file (raster snapshot | Sun rasterfile)
sbn - spatial index for read-write shapefiles
sbx - spatial index for read-write shapefiles
shd - ARC/INFO shadeset symbol file
shp - Shapefile (stores feature geometry)
shx - Shapefile (stores file lookup index)
stn - geocoding standardization file
tab - lookup file
tbl - geocoding support table
tif - image file (Tag Image Format file)
tfw - world file for tif image
tmp - temporary file
ttf - TrueType font file
txt - text file (usually ASCII)
xbm - image file (X Bitmap)
wmf - image file (Windows Metafile)
wld - world file for CAD datasets
wri - Windows Write.exe file

Last Published: 5/5/2016

Article ID: 000004893