How To: Set up a backup/failover license manager


Instructions provided are the steps necessary to setup a backup or failover license manager server in an environment where there are multiple license manager servers.

This functionality is possible only with ArcGIS 8.1.2 and above. With previous versions, the steps below can only be used for ArcInfo Workstation; the Desktop products do not work. The following error occurs when using the backup/failover license manager: "All ArcInfo licenses are in use."

ArcGIS 9.x software only works with an ArcGIS 9.x License Manager. ArcGIS 8.x software only works with an ESRI 8.x License Manager


The following is a mock scenario to illustrate the concept.

Relevant machines (Host name and operating system):

"XP" - Windows XP
"2003" - Windows 2003 Server (This machine is acting as a license manager server)
"UNIX" - UNIX (This machine is acting as a license manager server.)

Machines "2003" and "XP" are pointed to the license manager hosted on "2003". Machine "UNIX" uses the local license manager it has installed.

2003 and XP are to first check 2003 for a free license. If all licenses on 2003 are in use, the machines should then "failover" to the license manager on UNIX.

Set the following system environment variable on both 2003 and XP. See: How To: Edit an environment variable

For ArcGIS 8.x:
Variable Value: @2003;@UNIX

For ArcGIS 9.x:
Variable Value: @2003;@UNIX
An extension license must come from the same license manager server as the primary license.

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