How To: Resize highway marker symbols in ArcMap


This details the steps needed to resize highway marker symbols in ArcMap.


If you are working with marker symbols as graphics or as annotation in the map, first select the markers you want to edit, right-click on any of the selected markers, and select Properties. Click Change Symbol in Text Properties. Then follow the steps below.

If you are working with marker symbols for labels, right-click on the layer in the Table of Contents and select Properties. Select the Labels tab in Layer Properties. Click Symbol in the Labels dialog. Then follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Properties in the Symbol Selector.
    [O-Image] Symbol Selector
  2. Select the Advanced Text tab in the Editor dialog box, make sure the Text Background check box is checked on, and click Properties directly beneath it.
    [O-Image] Advanced Text Background
  3. In the Marker Text Background dialog box, change the properties of the symbol to meet specifications. Click OK for all dialog boxes.
    [O-Image] Marker Text Background
    Note: You can set a specific size for the marker, or you can check the box to scale the marker to fit text. The latter option will automatically resize the marker to fit changes in the text font size or text string length.