Error: Mismatch or corrupt INFO template at... Fatal error Bad IMPINF

Error Message

When a workstation coverage is imported into ArcCAD, the following error message may occur:

"Mismatched or corrupted INFO template at line...? or Fatal error bad INPINF?"


During importing, the INFO files are converted into dBase files (.DBF). The original INFO templates are converted into .INF files. When changes are made the to the .DBF file, such as using ADDITEM, DROPITEM, and so on, the structure of the file is altered. When EXPORT is used on the altered .DBF files, ArcCAD will refer back to the original .INF templates. The problem is that the new structure of the .DBF file will not match the original structure of the .INF template and the above error message will occur.

Solution or Workaround

Go into the coverage subdirectory and delete all of the .INF files. This will not harm the data in any way as ARC/INFO will re-assemble the INFO files automatically.

In ArcCAD for AutoCAD R13 the same error will occur regardless of if the coverage is edited.