Problem: Custom Locators that do not provide a shape field for candidates cause ArcMap to crash


** Fixed at ArcGIS 8.2 **

Using ArcObjects, a developer can create a custom address Locator and can use it in the Find dialog box just like any other geocoding service provided with ArcGIS. A developer must specify in their custom Locator the fields that are contained in candidates found by the Locator.

In ArcMap, if a user tries to use a custom Locator in the Find dialog box, and the Locator does not include a shape field for each candidate, ArcMap crashes.


This was a problem with the software that will be resolved in ArcGIS 8.2.

Solution or Workaround

If you are working with ArcGIS 8.1, install ArcGIS 8.2 or a later version to fix this problem.