Error: SDE error: DBTable column not found

Error Message

While adding an ArcSDE layer from an Oracle database to ArcView GIS 3.x using a custom Avenue application, the following error displays:

"SDE error: DBTable column not found"


Incompatible versions of the Database Access extension cause this error to occur. The custom Avenue application was created with a later version of the Database Access extension than that being used in use by users experiencing the error.

Solution or Workaround

Determine the version of Database Access used and install it to the machine being worked on.

The following is a general guideline:

ArcView 3.2a ArcSDE 8: Database Access 2.1a
ArcView 3.2a ArcSDE 8.1: Database Access 2.1b
ArcView 3.2a ArcSDE 8.12: Database Access 2.1c
ArcView 3.3 ArcSDE 8.2: Database Access 2.1d
ArcView 3.3 ArcSDE 8.3: Database Access 2.1e
ArcView 3.3 ArcSDE 9.0: Database Access 2.1f
ArcView 3.3 ArcSDE 9.1: Database Access 2.1g

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