Error: MSW call BitBit failed

Error Message

ArcView GIS displays an error message or exits when it is the active application on the desktop and one of the following occurs concurrently:

1) A password protected screensaver starts

2) A screen saver starts because the option "On resume, display Welcome screen" is checked

3) Windows goes into Standby or Hibernate mode

4) A different user logs in using 'Fast User Switching'. 'Fast User Switching' is only available for computers that are not part of a network domain.


This is a known issue.

Solution or Workaround

  • Disable Standby, Hibernate, and password-protected screensavers.
  • Verify that the option "On resume, display Welcome screen" is unchecked on the Display Properties > Screen Saver tab (Home Edition).
  • Use a third-party screensaver that has built-in password functionality and does not rely on the standard Microsoft login for password protection.