How To: Select rows with no data values in a joined field using ArcMap


When data is joined in ArcMap using the default 'Keep all records' option some rows may have no data values. This occurs when a row in the destination table doesn't have a matching row in the source table.


Steps to create a query that selects the rows with no data values in a joined field and returns null values.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Click Selection > Select By Attributes.
  3. Create a query that searches for null values in the joined field and includes fields from more than one table in the join. For example, if tableB is joined to FeatureClassA, the following query will return null values:

    tableB.fieldB is Null and FeatureClassA.OBJECTID is Not Null

    Because the OBJECTID field does not allow Nulls, the 'FeatureClassA.OBJECTID is Not Null' part of the query will return True for all rows.