Error: Error 1311: Source file not found

Error Message

During the installation of ArcGIS Desktop, this error message may occur:

"Error 1311: Source file not found: <drive>:\ArcGIS\ArcGIS1.cab"

This error was also reported to occasionally occur with ArcIMS 4.0 and 4.0.1 products.


This is a known issue with the Windows Installer software, occuring when it extracts files from the .cab files located on a CD-ROM.

Solution or Workaround

The options below can provide a solution to the error. The first option is the more highly recommended solution, the second option, less so, and so on.

  • Copy the contents of the CD to the hard drive and run the installation from there by double-clicking the setup.exe file.
  • Place the CD in the CD-ROM drive of another computer and share the drive over the network. On the local computer, map the shared CD-ROM drive and double-click setup.exe to run the installation.
  • Refer to the Microsoft article in the Related Information section for a possible solution to this error. Even though the article is not about Error 1311, the solution is still relevant.

Related Information