Error: The correct application path is not loaded in autoexec.bat

Error Message

When working with Getting to Know ArcView GIS, the following error messages are returned:

"The correct application path is not loaded in autoexec.bat."

"Avenue Error: 'theBigKahuna' A(n) nil object does not recognize request Get."

Although this error references the autoexe.bat file, there is no such file in Windows NT, 2000, or XP.


The variable settings for the system or specific user are not set correctly.

Solution or Workaround

Determine the current variable settings and set them in The Getting to Know ArcView GIS startup file.

  1. Use a text editor to open the file called Startup under C:\gtkav\program\etc.
  2. Add the following to the end of the file:

    atemp = system.getenvvar ("temp").asstring 
    ahome = system.getenvvar ("home").asstring
    aGTKAVHOME= system.getenvvar ("GTKAVHOME").asstring
    aGTKAVDATA= system.getenvvar ("GTKAVDATA").asstring
    aGTKAVAVI= system.getenvvar ("GTKAVAVI").asstring
    aGTKAVACTION= system.getenvvar ("GTKAVACTION").asstring
    aGTKAVDIR= system.getenvvar ("GTKAVDIR").asstring

    msgbox.report("temp =" ++atemp++nl++
    "home =" ++ ahome++nl++
    "gtkavhome =" ++ aGTKAVHOME++nl++
    "gtkavdata =" ++ aGTKAVDATA++nl++
    "gtkavavi =" ++ aGTKAVAVI++nl++
    "gtkavaction =" ++ aGTKAVACTION++nl++
    "gtkavdir =" ++ aGTKAVDIR,"Environmental Variables")

  3. Save the edits.
  4. Restart Getting to Know ArcView GIS. There will be a message box that displays the current variable settings. If the variable is not set, the value will be Nil.
  5. Set the proper variables for your system.
    The proper variable settings, can be found in the readme.txt file under the GTKAV folder on the Getting to Know ArcView GIS CD ROM disk.