How To: Use a custom Esrimap servlet location


The ArcIMS Manager Applications look for the Esrimap servlet in the default location of http://<webservername>/servlet; however, some ArcIMS administrators may want to define a custom location on the webserver/servlet engine for the Esrimap servlet.

For example, company guidelines may specify that a third-party servlet be implemented in a custom application server or servlet engine virtual directory; other than the default (/servlet).


The HostURL variable in the ArcIMS Administrator and aimsproperties.defaults file can include a hostname (Web server) and a servlet virtual directory location. If only the hostname is provided the ArcIMS Administrator looks for the Esrimap servlet in the default location.

For example, the Esrimap servlet has been placed in the following virtual directory referenced by the webserver/servlet engine:


The connector and application server can be found successfully using:




When Administrator is started, specify a host URL:


Instead of:


Administrator should start successfully and the ArcIMS site should be managed without problems.

When creating an HTML viewer and the servlet is in a custom location, you will need to change the imsURL and imsOVURL variables in ArcIMSParams.js. By default, they append the HostURL to '/servlet/com.esri.esrimap.Esrimap,' which creates an invalid URL (http://<webservername>/test/servlet/servlet/com.esri.esrimap.Esrimap)

Last Published: 5/5/2016

Article ID: 000004630