How To: Make PC ARC/INFO 4.0 coverages show up in ArcView 3.2a


When I try to bring in a coverage developed in PC ARC/INFO 4.0 into ArcView 3.2a or a lesser version, it will not come in. Why is this, and can I work around it?


PC ARC/INFO 4.0 produces double-precision coverages. ArcView 3.2a or less cannot handle double-precision coverages. Below are steps to work around this issue until ArcView 3.3 is released, which resolves this problem.

  1. Open PC ARC/INFO 4.0.
  2. Select copy from the File > Coverage Management listing.
  3. Fill in the blanks for the input coverage with double precision to the output coverage specified with single precision.
  4. Bring the single-precision coverage into ArcView 3.2a or less.