Problem: ArcView prompts for registration information every time it is started


After installing ArcView on the network, and running the client install, whenever ArcView is started on the client machine, it prompts for the registration number.


When ArcView is started for the first time, (on a client machine) the registration information must get written to a serno file on the network machine.

If the user running ArcView on the client machine does not have write access to the ArcView network installation folder, the serno file will not be created.

Solution or Workaround

The first user who starts ArcView on a client machine must have full rights to the installation folder of the network server installation to create the serno file with the registration information.

  1. Log in as user will write access to the ArcView network installation location.
  2. Start ArcView and type in the registration number at the prompt.
  3. The serno file will be created in the ArcView network installation location. ArcView will not prompt for the registration information on any client machine.