How To: Set the APRESSTMPDIR for temporary ArcPress files


By default, ArcPress stores all temporary files in the system's temporary directory. If the temporary directory is located on a hard disk that has a limited amount of free space, redirecting the ArcPress temporary files is necessary.


Redirect the ArcPress temporary files in:

  • Windows

    1. Navigate to Start > Control Panel and open System.

    2. Click the Advanced tab.

    On Windows Vista or Windows 7, click Advanced system settings, then click the Advanced tab.

    3. Click the Environment Variables button.

    4. Click the New button under System variables.

    4. Type APRESSTMPDIR in the box labeled Variable and type the path to the desired disk location in the box labeled Value.

    5. Click OK.

  • UNIX

    Set the following variable in the appropriate resource file for the operating system:

    setenv APRESSTMPDIR <path>

    <path> - the desired disk location to write the ArcPress temporary files.

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