Problem: Incorrect values appear in join fields


After joining data from a file-based data source (shapefile, INFO files, or coverages), the values in the result join fields are blank or repeated over several rows.


Join field in the target table or layer has NULL values.

Solution or Workaround

Modify the join field from the target table or layer.

  • Edit pertinent rows and replace NULL with another value.

  • If NULL values don't get removed:

    1. In ArcMap, right-click the table and select Open. If working from a layer, right-click layer and select Open Attribute Table.

    2. With the table open, click Options > Add Field.

    3. Specify a new field name and properties. click on OK.

    Make sure data type and field properties match the original join field.

    4. Use the Field Calculator to populate the field:

    a. Find the field you want.
    b. Right-click the name.
    c. On the popup menu, click Calculate Values to bring up the Field Calculator menu.
    [O-Image] [O] ArcMap Field Calculator image