Error: The feature(s) cannot be moved

Error Message

With a geometric network that contains a weight that corresponds to the shape length field for a complex edge, when snapping an orphan junction at the end point of one edge to an orphan junction at the end point or along another edge, the following error may be raised:

"The feature(s) cannot be moved".

The error message may also include:

"The operation was attempted on an empty geometry".


Snapping an orphan junction, that is connected to a complex edge feature with a weight assigned to its shape length field, to an orphan junction connected to another edge feature, raises the above error and aborts the operation.

Solution or Workaround

If the purpose of snapping the orphan junction was to eventually subsume it with a standard junction, subsume the orphan junction with a standard, user-defined junction prior to snapping it to the other orphan junction.

If the purpose of snapping the orphan junction was to establish connectivity, the following steps can be used to work around this error:

  • Set snapping at the vertex level for the orphan junction feature class.
  • Select one of the edges connected to the orphan junction which you have tried to move and disconnect it with the Disconnect command. The Disconnect command is the second button from the left on the Geometric Network Editing toolbar.
  • Change the Edit Task to 'Modify Feature'.
  • Move the vertex of the disconnected edge that is coincident with the orphan junction being moved and snap it to the orphan junction to which it should be connected.
  • Select any other edges connected to the orphan being moved and repeat the steps above.