Problem: Compress Error: S_compress_add_lineage_id_index:Error creating index (1408)


The ArcSDE compress process returns the following error:

S_compress_add_lineage_id_index:Error creating index (1408)Error: << ORA-01408:d >>
DB_trans_set_compress_mode:Error creating STATE_LINEAGE(lineage_id) index (1408).
Error: Unable to compress state tree.

The COMPRESS_LOG table entry for the compress_status column will read "FAILURE 1408".


The SDE.STATE_LINEAGES table already contains an index on the lineage_id column.

This is a known issue at ArcSDE SP1.
The first time compress is executed in ArcSDE SP1, a new index, LINEAGE_ID_IDX, is created on the STATE_LINEAGES lineage_id column.

Solution or Workaround

DROP the existing index on the lineage_id column.