How To: Import existing street datasets in ArcLogistics Route


ArcLogistics Route has a no data version in order to use personal data and/or older street data. The data CD version also allows you to bring in your own data. The following describes the procedure to use existing datasets.


Should you have the no data edition, then you can simply point to the dataset using the dialog that comes up from the street administrator.

Should you have the data CD version, then you need to conduct the following steps:

  1. Extract a 1-mile area to some place on disk.
  2. Open streets.mdb from the ArcLogistics Route > bin directory.
  3. Edit the path field in the street data table in the streets.mdb file. The path needs to point to where the original data is.

    The original street data must be less than 200 by 200 miles.

  4. Edit the filename field in the service area table in the streets.mdb file. It needs to point to the alr.mdb file of the original data. If you have created multiple service areas, you need to edit each record.

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