Problem: Data does not display correctly using the Winkel Tripel projection


Only part of world data will appear in ArcMap when the data frame's coordinate system is set to Winkel Tripel.

ArcToolbox' Project wizard for shapefiles and geodatabases will not correctly unproject data from this projection.


The inverse of the Winkel Tripel projection is not working correctly. This is a known issue.

Solution or Workaround

This issue has been addressed in ArcGIS Version 8.1.2.

If you are using ArcGIS 8.1, do one of the following:

  • Convert the data to the Winkel Tripel projection using ArcToolbox Project wizard.
    A. Click on ArcToolbox button in ArcCatalog to open the ArcToolbox window.

    B. Expand Data Management Tools > Projections.

    C. Double-click on Project Wizard (shapefiles, geodatabases).

    [O-Image] ArcToolbox Project Wizard 8.1/8.1.2

  • If reprojecting from Winkel Tripel, convert the data first to a grid or coverage if needed, and then use the appropriate ArcToolbox Project wizard.