FAQ: What is the Pixmap class?


What is the Pixmap class?


The Pixmap Avenue class serves as a container for a device dependent bitmap, and it is used to save a portion of a display associated with a backing screen device. It was implemented to support quick redraw of view frames in layouts.

The pixmap object contains the pixels in the view. While there is no public request in ArcView to get these, they can be drawn using the following Pixmap request:

theDisplay.Pixmap(thePixmap, aRectangle)

The rectangle used by aDisplay.Pixmap must have the same extent as the rectangle used by aDisplay.ReturnPixmap; however, though it can have a different origin.

You can use the ArcView Internet Map Server Extension to export a pixmap to either a BMP or a GIF file. With the IMS, the Pixmap class contains public requests that you can access.