Problem: ArcView help files are missing


ArcView 3.1 help files are missing when installed on Windows 98.


The help files were not installed correctly during the initial installation of ArcView.

Solution or Workaround

Instructions provided describe the steps to restore the help files.

  1. Uninstall ArcView.
    A. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
    B. Double-click the Add/Remove Program icon.
    C. Select ArcView.
    D. Click Remove.
    Warning:	Be sure to copy to a temporary directory any projects, data, scripts, and extensions that may reside in the ArcView home folder. This folder is called ESRI by default.
    E. Delete your ArcView home folder, if it doesn't contain other products.
    Note:	The uninstall process does not remove this folder.
  2. Disable any anti virus utility you may have running on your computer.
  3. Re-install ArcView.
    Do not start ArcView after re-installing. 
  4. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to ..esri\av_gis30\arcview\help\arcview.hlp.
  5. Double-click the arcview.hlp file.
  6. Examine the file to be sure all contents are displayed.
  7. Start ArcView while the Help is open.
    ArcView 3.1 help will be available from this point.