Problem: Can't log into ArcIMS Administrator using ServletExec with IIS


I am using ServletExec with IIS and I can't log into ArcIMS Administrator.


There is an error in the ArcIMS 3.1 Installation Guide, part number 85551, on page 56, Step 6, of the instructions for Configuring ServletExec for IIS.

Solution or Workaround

There are two possible solutions:

-- In the servers.properties file, the line


should not be changed.

Find and delete the esrimapCatalog.ser file.

-- On some networks Win9.x clients are unable to connect reliably to ServletExec 3.1. This seems to go away with ServletExec 4.0, where both admin and win9.x clients can coincide. This can be downloaded from the
ServletExec site.

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