How To: Turn off themes in a project by editing the .apr file


This article shows how to turn off themes in a project by editing the .apr file with a text editor.


  1. Open the .apr in a text editor such as WordPad or Notepad.

    Always make a backup before making any edits to an .apr file.

  2. Search for the name of the theme.
  3. Locate the line called Flags under the theme. Example:

    Name: "Sample.shp"
    Source: 11
    Flags: 0x07
    Legend: 21
    Threshold: 40
    View: 41
    GSet: 407
    LegEditScript: "View.EditLegend"
    TxPos: 408
    LabelField: 16
    Table: 6
    SnapTolCursor: 1

  4. Change the value of Flags according to the following:

    0x01      off, active, legend hid 
    0x02 on, not active, legend hid
    0x03 on, active, legend hid
    0x04 off and not active
    0x05 off and active
    0x06 on but not active
    0x07 on and active
    0x08 off, not active, legend hid

    In the example above, change 0x07 to 0x04.
  5. Save the .apr file.

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Last Published: 5/5/2016

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