Problem: Coverages do not display in Add Theme dialog box


When navigating to the workspace where coverages are located in the Add Theme dialog box, the coverage folders do not display.


The workspace where the coverages are located is an ArcInfo version 6 workspace instead of version 7.

Solution or Workaround

  • Make sure the coverage names and paths are all 8.3 compliant; that is, the names are no longer than eight characters and the extensions are three characters.
  • Run the CONVERTWORKSPACE command in ArcInfo to convert the version 6 workspace to version 7.

    If an 'arcdr9' file is in the INFO directory of the workspace, it is a version 6.x coverage. If an 'arc.dir' file is in the INFO directory, it is a version 7.x coverage. If both 'arcdr9' and 'arc.dir' are in the INFO directory, it is a mixed workspace. ArcInfo can handle mixed workspaces, but Arcview cannot.