Problem: Modem starts dialing when starting ArcView


Modem unexpectedly starts dialing when starting ArcView.


Windows Socket DLL conflict.
ArcView 3.x, unlike 2.1, automatically loads RPC (Remote Procedure Calls). RPC requires a functional and compatible wsock32.dll (winsock.dll on 16-bit platforms). This DLL provides a port for a Windows application to communicate with other applications, or a network. Applications such as X-emulators, NFS software, and Web browsers, can use the default DLL, or they can customize/install their own. You might have several different wsock32.dll files on one PC, and not all of them may work with ArcView RPC.

Solution or Workaround

The instructions below include making changes to essential parts of your operating system. It is recommended that you backup your operating system and files, including the registry, before proceeding. Consult with a qualified computer systems professional, if necessary.

Esri cannot guarantee results from incorrect modifications while following these instructions; therefore, use caution and proceed at your own risk.

1. Make a backup copy of the file $AVHOME\Etc\Startup as $AVHOME\Etc\Startup.bak.

2. Open the Startup file in a text editor such as Notepad or WordPad.

3. Delete the following lines (near the bottom of the file):

if (FN.FindInSystemSearchPath("wsock32.dll") <> nil) then 

4. Restart ArcView.