How To: Copy and paste data frames in ArcMap


This document shows how you can copy and paste one or more data frames in an ArcMap layout.


  • To copy a single data frame:

    1. Right-click the data frame name in the Table of Contents while the map document is in layout view.
    2. Select Copy from the data frame context menu.

    This command is only enabled while the document is in layout view.

    You can only copy one data frame at a time with this method.

  • To copy one or more data frames:

    1. Select the data frames on the layout.
    2. Right-click the selected data frames.
    3. Select Copy or press Ctrl-C.
  • To paste the copied data frames onto the current layout, or onto a different map document's layout, you can do one of the following:

    ¤ Select Edit > Paste.
    ¤ Type Ctrl-V.
    ¤ Right-click the layout away from any map elements or graphics and select Paste.

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