FAQ: What is a landmark?


What is a landmark?


A landmark is a user defined tag that can be attached to a Netview. Each landmark contains a key and a value, both of the long data type. You can attach up to 2.14 billion landmarks to a Netview; however, the practical limit depends more on system resources than limitations of the long data type.

The following functions are available for using landmarks:

· NE_OpenLandmarkChannel gives you the ability to add landmarks to a Netview.

· NE_AddLandmark allows you to add a landmark by specifying a key and a value.

· NE_QueryLandmark allows you to ask for the value given a key. The action argument allows you to step through values that share the same key.

· NE_CloseLandmarkChannel clears out the landmarks attached to the Netview.

As you browse a result network, you can query each element for its ID, and use that to scan through the landmarks, checking to see if any of them reside on the element.