Error: Internal Error 2755: 1631, {cd-rom drive letter}:\intel_nt\msi\sdeoracle8i.msi

Error Message

This Windows Installer error happens when installing ArcSDE:

"Internal Error 2755: 1631,
{cd-rom drive letter}:\intel_nt\msi\sdeoracle8i.msi"


Two possible causes:

· A Windows environment variable has an invalid or blank value.

· The TEMP environment variable references a directory location to which the user installing ArcSDE does not have write permissions.

Solution or Workaround

On Windows NT, check variable values from the System control panel under the Environment tab.

On Windows 2000, check variable values from the System Panel under the Advanced tab, Environment Variables button.

-- Make sure the value is correct or delete the variable.

Windows user or system environment variables can have no values (blank).

-- Make sure the user has write permissions to the TEMP directory location.