How To: Determine the version of MDAC on a computer


The Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) enable universal database access components on Windows. You can develop applications to integrate database access using a host of components including ODBC, ADO and OLE DB.

With ESRI products, ODBC and Direct Connect functionality require a minimum version of MDAC to be installed on both client and server machines.


In order to check the current version of MDAC on a computer, do the following:

1. Find these files: Msdadc.dll, Oledb32.dll. They are often located in a sub-directory under c:\Program Files\Common Files\System.

2. Right-click each DLL and select Properties. Switch to the Version tab and note the version number. The following is a list of MDAC version and respective DLL versions:

MDAC version                 Msdadc.dll     Oledb32.dll
------------ ---------- -----------
MDAC 1.5c 1.50.3506.0 N/A
MDAC 2.0 2.0.3002.4 2.0.1706.0
MDAC 2.0 SP1 2.0.3002.23 2.0.1706.0
MDAC 2.0 SP2 2.0.3002.23 2.0.1706.0
MDAC 2.10.3513.0 2.10.3513.0
MDAC (IE5.x) 2.10.3711.2 2.10.3711.2
MDAC (GA) 2.10.3711.2 2.10.3711.9
MDAC 2.5 RTM (2.50.4403.12) 2.50.4403.0 2.50.4403.8

3. If the MDAC needs to be upgraded, download the latest version from Microsoft's Web site. See Related Information below.

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