Error: Access to C:\DOCUME~1\ username \LOCALS~1\TEMP\xform006.ps was denied

Error Message

When a user tries to print a hardcopy or print to file, ArcGIS gives the following error message:

"Access to C:\DOCUME~1\<username>\LOCALS~1\TEMP\xform006.ps was denied."


The username given in installation is not the same username given in login.

Solution or Workaround


  1. Go to system variables in Control Panel. There will be a system variable named APRESSTMPDIR. The value of this variable is set to the installer's local settings directory.
    For help with setting a system environment variable, see: How To: Edit an environment variable.
  2. Change this value to a directory to which every user has access. For example: C:\temp.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Click OK.