How To: Use Getting To Know ArcView GIS exercises with a standard copy of ArcView


Getting to Know ArcView GIS (GTKAV) is designed for users who don't have a copy of ArcView. This article describes how to use the exercises with a standard copy of ArcView.


  1. Examine the GTKAV CD. Make sure it is dated March 1997.
    If you have an earlier version, please contact ESRI for a replacement. The exercises in the earlier versions are more difficult to run in a standard copy of ArcView. The instructions below pertain to the March version of the CD. 
  2. Create a new directory anywhere on your machine and name it GTKAV. For example, c:\gtkav.
  3. Copy the DATA directory of the CD-ROM into your GTKAV directory.
  4. Add the following environment variables to your system properties:

    For help with setting a system environment variable, see: How To: Edit an environment variable.
     Make sure the path definitions match the location of your GTKAV directory.
  5. Start ArcView.
  6. Open the gtkav.apr project located in your ..\gtkav\data directory.
  7. Begin any exercise by selecting Open Exercise from the File menu.