Error: The features could not be moved

Error Message

Attempting to move the features after issuing the Delete/Split command on the edge, in an edge-junction composite relationship, will produce this error:

"The features could not be moved"
"A requested feature object could not be located"


On Delete/Split of the edge, the connected junctions are deleted as well, which leaves orphan junctions in their place. Attempting to move any of the orphan junctions will produce the error.

Likewise, deleting any of the connected junctions and then trying to move the edge will produce a similar error.

Solution or Workaround

To correct the orphan junctions, after doing a Delete/Split of the edge in the edge-junction relationship, use the Rebuild Connectivity tool over the affected area.

It is not possible to repair the features after deleting the junction in the edge-junction relationship. You must undo the operation or remove the junction from the relationship class prior to deleting.

The Verify Connectivitiy tool cannot be used to identify these features.