How To: Prepare a table for hotlinking


Steps to prepare a table for hotlinking.


  1. Create a new string field.
    1. Open the table and Start Editing, if necessary.
    2. Select Add Field from the Edit menu.
    3. In the Field Definition dialog box, define the following:
      1. Set Name to an appropriate name, for example 'Name'.
      2. Set Type to String.
      3. Set Width to an appropriate number, for example '32'.
      4. Click OK.
      5. Select Stop Editing from the Table menu and save the edits.
        The field must be long enough to support the name of the document you wish to hotlink to. 
  2. Add a path to the file or document (View2, Attributes of <filename>, Chart1, C:\projects\africa.apr, C:\text\textinfo.txt, and so forth).