Error: Error while building topology

Error Message

Executing the LOAD or CHECKIN command fails and returns the message:

Error while building topology.


The Weather Service was started as root and not as a typical user.

ArcStorm commands access libraries and files indicated by the user defined environment variables ARCHOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH. A non-root user must start the Weather Service in order for ArcStorm to have access to these variables.

Solution or Workaround

See if the Weather Service was started by root by executing the WS HALT command. If the service was started by root, the user will get the message PERMISSION DENIED.

  1. Login as root and use WS HALT to stop the wservice, or kill the wservice daemon process with:

    KILL -INT <process_id>

  2. Start the Weather Service from a non-root UNIX account.

    % wservice > & /path/path/wslog.log &