Problem: No connections available in the SQL Connect dialog box


None of the Data Source Names (DSNs) set up for ODBC connections on the machine are listed in the Connection drop down list on the SQL Connect dialog box.


There are two circumstances which may cause this problem;

· There are DSNs on the machine but none available to the user currently logged in.

· The ODBC32.dll file is bad.

Solution or Workaround

  • Create DSNs for all users.

    1. Log in as a user who has access to the DSNs.
    2. Create DSNs for the current user.
    3. Create all DSNs as System DSNs so they will be available to all who log into the machine.

  • Reinstall 32 bit ODBC drivers. Download the latest version of Microsoft Database Access (MDAC) ODBC drivers from the link below.

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