How To: Batch import ArcInfo interchange (.e00) files via Avenue


The information in this article applies to ArcView GIS versions 3.x only. The instructions described apply to the Avenue programming language, which is specific to the ArcView GIS application.

The System.Execute Avenue can be used to request to batch process a list of ArcInfo interchange files.


  1. Copy all interchange files to be batch processed into a single directory.
  2. Open a new script window.
    1. Activate the Project window.
    2. Click the Scripts icon.
    3. Click New.
  3. Paste the following code into the new script window.
'-- This script will import allow you to import multiple e00 files.
'-- All e00 files that will be imported should be in the same directory.  
'-- Set work dir to HOME and create batch file
thehome = system.getenvvar("HOME")
thewdir = filename.getCWD
lf = linefile.make("imp71.bat".asfilename, #FILE_PERM_WRITE)
'Get the absolute path for the location of ArcView
'-- Build the command line template
impcmd = "\bin32\import71" 
pathtoe00file = msgbox.input(
"Directory with *.e00 files ready for conversion to coverages", 
"Path:", "C:\e00_file\e_import")
pathtocoverage = msgbox.input(
"Directory where imported *.e00 files saved as coverages", 
"Path:", "C:\e00_file\e_export")
aslash = "\"
apathtocoverage = pathtocoverage + aslash
e00list = pathtoe00file.asfilename.readfiles("*.e00")
'-- Execute command line string
for each i in e00list
  xString = avabspath + impcmd ++ i.asstring ++ apathtocoverage +
i.AsString.basictrim(pathtoe00file, ".e00")++"/T"   
  1. Click the Script compile button to compile the script.
    [O-Image] Script compile button
  2. Click the Run compiled script button to run the script.
    [O-Image] Run compiled script button