How To: Assign multiple addresses to the same place name alias


Geocoding services can use aliases to geocode place names instead of addresses. Each record in a place name alias table includes an address and a name that you can use to refer to the address. For example, you could refer to the address '501 Smyth Road' as 'Hospital.'

In some situations, however, you may wish to assign more than one address to a place name. For example, 'Hospital' may have two addresses, '501 Smyth Road' and '1053 Carling Avenue.'


When a geocoding service uses a place name alias table, it substitutes the address for the first record with a matching place name that it finds in the place name alias table. In these cases, you need to qualify the place names with additional information. For example, you could qualify the 'Hospital' place name with campus names, as in 'Hospital, General Campus' and 'Hospital, Civic Campus.'
[O-Image] Multiple addresses for place name aliases
You then need to qualify the place names in the addresses that you want to geocode in the same way.