How To: Modify a StreetMap theme to display one state only


Instructions provided are for creating a subset of the StreetMap database by editing the BMS file in a text editor, such as Wordpad, MS Word, or Notepad. This procedure is not applicable to StreetMap 2000 because there are no .edg files in the StreetMap 2000 data.


The following steps show how to limit the data set to California streets:

  1. Insert the StreetMap data CD and open the file usa_st.bms in a text editor.
  2. Search the contents of the file for the string: usa.edg.
  3. Replace the second occurence of 'usa.edg' with 'D:/streets/ca.edg', where D:\ is the CD-rom drive.

    It is also possible to modify D:\usa.bms. When doing so, the search string is 'streets/usa.edg' and the replace string is 'D:/streets/ca.edg.'

    Modifying the usa.bms file in this way results in a BMS file with all the background and landmark data for the entire nation but streets only for California.

  4. Save the file to the hard drive as ca_st.bms.
  5. Add ca_st.bms as a theme to the View. The theme name is StreetMap USA. If desired, the name can be changed in Theme > Properties.
  6. Zoom in, past the display threshold, which is 1:200,000, to make the streets visible.

    For more information refer to ArcView Help > StreetMap theme source file, or click the Contents tab: Extensions book > StreetMap > Troubleshooting > "How can I improve the performance of drawing...?"

Last Published: 5/5/2016

Article ID: 000003474