How To: Mimic the use of the shared edit tool with network features


The shared edit tool does not support network features.


You can mimic the support of network features as follows:

  1. You may have to modify the position or visibility of the layers, depending on the arrangement of layers in the map document.

    If the network feature classes are listed above the simple feature classes within your map document, do one of these two:

    · Set the network feature classes to unselectable.

    · Move the network feature classes position within the Table of Contents to below that of the simple feature classes.

    [O-Image] Shared_EditGN1
  2. With the shared edit tool, select the simple features to edit. Perform the edits.
    [O-Image] Shared_EditGN2
  3. Set your snapping environment to snap to the appropriate layer and geometry modified during the shared edit.
  4. Move the network feature class to its previous position in the table of contents. Select the feature and snap it to the simple features that were modified with the shared edit.
    [O-Image] Shared_EditGN3