FAQ: Why am I getting SQL errors from ArcSDE?


Why am I getting SQL errors from ArcSDE?


Consider the following possibilities:

· At ArcSDE 8.1, the DBTUNE table contains parameter strings that are passed directly to the underlying RDBMS for execution as part of table and index creation and extension. Because these parameters are passed directly to the RDBMS, ArcSDE does not check them for correctness. If you use a parameter out-of-sequence, and the parameter doesn't exist or is no longer supported, SQL errors will occur. Be sure to check your DBTUNE table if you get unusual SQL errors, especially if the error appears during table creation or record-insert operations.

· Developers who use ArcSDE C or Java APIs can introduce SQL errors by generating incorrect SQL commands. SE_stream_prepare_sql allows execution of complete SQL commands from a program without ArcSDE's interpretation of the SQL commands. In addition, WHERE clauses can be formulated and applied to an I/O stream by a user's program. If these WHERE clauses contain SQL errors, they will appear when the program executes the query on the stream.

· It is possible for users and developers to accidentally introduce SQL errors that appear as generated by ArcSDE.

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