Problem: No rows from a feature class's attribute table are displayed in ArcGIS Desktop


The attributes of feature class (layer) that is stored in ArcSDE using Oracle Spatial's normalized geometry model cannot be seen using ArcGIS Desktop.


An object ID column may not have been defined for the feature class. Some ArcGIS functions require an object ID column to work. The object ID column must be integer and contain unique values.

Solution or Workaround

You can use an existing attribute column as the object ID column (assuming it is integer and contains unique values), or you can add one.

Use either ArcCatalog or the SDETABLE administration command to select or add an object ID column.

  • To define an object ID column using ArcCatalog:

    1. Connect to the ArcSDE server.
    2. Right-click the feature class.
    3. Select 'Register with Geodatabase' from the pop up menu.

  • To define an object ID column with the SDETABLE administration command, do something like this:

    sdetable –o alter_reg –t cntry94 –c objectid –C SDE –k NORMALIZED –I esri_sde –s hurricane –u ken –p <password>