Problem: Oracle: ArcSDE does not allow connections


A DBTUNE logfile parameter is rejected by Oracle and ArcSDE does not allow the user to connect.


The DBTUNE logfile is invalid because of syntax errors.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Rename the dbtune.sde file in the etc folder to a temporary name.
  2. Create an empty dbtune.sde file.
  3. Use SQL*PLUS to connect as the SDE user.
  4. Delete the records in the DBTUNE table.
  5. Use the import operation of the sdedbtune command to import an empty dbtune table. This will load the ArcSDE software defaults into the DBTUNE table and create the logfiles for the sde user.
  6. Correct the logfile parameter in the renamed dbtune.tmp file and import it using the sdedbtune command.