Error: Windows API Error;f:\arc80\graphics\win32\xlib\bitmap.c: Error 5 from GetDC on line 21:

Error Message

Executing the GRIDEDIT RASTERIZE command in ARCEDIT may cause a Windows API Error and cause ARCEDIT to close.

arcedit: gridedit rasterize
Define the box

Windows API Error
Error 1400 from GetDC on line 21:
Invalid window handle
Continue execution? <*yes*/no>

Windows API Error
Error 5 from CreateCompatibleBitmap on line 592:
Access is denied
Continue execution? <*yes*/no>

Bailing out of ARCEDIT
Program failed to start or was killed

In ArcInfo Workstation version 9.0 and later, the error message after the 'Define the box' prompt reads:

"Error in creating rasterizing window"

ArcEdit does not terminate and the session can continue, however, the GRIDEDIT RASTERIZE command does not complete successfully. This continues to be a known limitation.


This is a known limitation.

Solution or Workaround

There is no workaround within ArcInfo for this issue.

It is possible to use third party image editing software to place text into an image, provided care is used to preserve spatial referencing.