How To: Change the default display resampling mode


The default display resampling method for rasters may be undesirable, and there is currently no mechanism in the interface to control this. You can, however, use the Advanced ArcMap Settings sample utility to have some choice over how rasters are painted to the screen.


  1. For ArcGIS 8.1, install the Advanced ArcMap Settings tool, if you have not done so already.

    Some settings that control ArcMap operations are not accessible through the interface. The Advanced ArcMap Settings tool provides a way to adjust some of those settings.

    1) Run SetupArcGIS.exe from your install location.
    2) Select the Add/Remove option.
    3) Expand the ArcObjects Developers Kit feature.
    4) Set the Utilities option to 'Will be installed on local hard drive' and click Next.
    5) Click Next again. This will install the Utilities.
    6) After the install completes, navigate to the Arcexe81\ArcObjects Developer Kit\Utilities\VBAdvancedSettingsUtility location in your ArcGIS folder.
    7) Double-click the AdvAMSet.exe file to start the tool.

    In more recent versions, the Advanced ArcMap Settings utility is already installed.

  2. In ArcGIS 8.1, run AdvAMSet.exe and click the Raster tab once the tool comes up.

    In more recent versions, run AdvancedArcMapSettings.exe and click the Raster tab.
  3. Select from the options in the Default Resampling Mode section:

    - Nearest Neighbor (All Rasters)
    - Bilinear Interpolation (Continuous Rasters Only)
    - Cubic Convolution (Continuous Rasters Only)

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