How To: Use the Object Loader to load data into a table


To use the Object Loader to load data into a table within an edit session in ArcMap, you must add the Load Objects to the table context menu in ArcMap.


  1. Add to your map document the table you want to load objects into.
  2. On the menu, click View, Toolbars, and Customize.
  3. Check the Context Menu check box. The context menu dropdown will appear.
  4. Click the dropdown and click Table. The Table context menu will appear.
  5. In the customize dialog, click the commands tab, then click Data converters. You will see the load Objects command.
  6. Click and drag the Load Objects command from the Customize dialog onto to the Table context menu.
  7. Click Close on the customize dialog.
  8. On the editor toolbar Editor menu, click Start Editing.
  9. Right-click the table and click Load Objects. The Object Loader will appear.
    [O-Image] Context Menus > Table > Customize