Problem: Coverage stacked annotation displays differently in ArcInfo 8.1 than in previous versions


Stacked two point annotation is displaying in a different position with version 8.1 compared to earlier versions. This occurs for features with a text justification of UR, CR, and LR.


These types of annotation features were being displayed in the wrong position in ArcInfo 8.0.2 and earlier.

Solution or Workaround

At ArcInfo 8.1 this was fixed for features with a text justification of UR, CR, and LR. Due to the correction, annotation created in versions 8.0.2 and earlier will display differently in ArcInfo 8.1.

To display the annotation exactly as it looked in previous versions of ArcInfo, you need to set the RJS_ANNO_PRE81 system environment variable:

For Windows NT

set RJS_ANNO_PRE81 = ON 
setenv RJS_ANNO_PRE81 ON 
Environment variables are set differently under each platform. For help with setting a system environment variable, see: How To: Edit an environment variable.
The RJS_ANNO_PRE81 environment variable only affects how the features are displayed and does not affect the way the annotation is written out to disk. If the variable is set to ON, any annotation you create will be placed as it was in previous versions. 
This problem also occurs for UC, UL, CC, CL, and user-defined positions; however, the solution above can still be used. This problem will be fixed in ArcGIS Version 8.1.2.