Problem: Inserting or deleting data in ArcSDE for DB2 fails with permission errors


When inserting or deleting data in ArcSDE for DB2, the insert or delete fails with permission errors.


Public does not have insert/update/delete/select on the spatial extender meta tables by default.

After spatially enabling your database, several meta tables are created that are owned by the DB2GSE schema. The original intent of IBM was not to allow public access to these tables but to manipulate them through the provided stored procedures.

However, the stored procedures do not have all the functionality required.

Solution or Workaround

The DBA will need to grant several privileges on some of these tables for ArcSDE to work properly.

Grant delete on db2gse.gse_layer to public

Grant delete on db2gse.gse_layer_geom to public

Grant update, insert on db2gse.gse_spatial_ref to public

Grant update, insert on db2gse.gse_coord_ref to public