How To: Upgrade an existing Windows license manager for ArcGIS 8.1


ESRI strongly recommends upgrading 7.2.l or 8.0.x license managers to version 8.1 to obtain the latest license manager tools and documentation.


  1. Uninstall the older ESRI License Manager
    A. Select Start > Settings > 'Control Panel' > 'Add/Remove Software'.
    B. Highlight ESRI License Manager and click Add/Remove.
    C. Choose Automatic for the type of uninstall.

  2. Install the newest ESRI License Manager:
    A. Place the ArcGIS Desktop, ArcView (Floating) or ArcInfo Workstation cd in the cd drive.
    B. When the Setup program starts, choose the option "Install only the License Manager," and click Next.
    C. When prompted for the license file, browse to the text file containing the keycode information received from ESRI Customer service