Error: Error during load. Refer to VbProjectName.log for details.

Error Message

Opening a Visual Basic project file that uses the ArcObjects Map control returns:

Error during load. Refer to VB project name.log for details.

After dismissing this error message, the log file that gets created contains the following information:

Class esriControlsCtl.MapControl of control MapControl1 was not a loaded control class.


The Visual Basic project was saved with the ArcGIS 8.1 prerelease version of the Map control. The signature of the Map control has changed since the prerelease version.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Open the Visual Basic project.
  2. Open the form that contains the Map control.
  3. Delete the PictureBox that replaced the Map control.
  4. Drag a new Map control onto the form.
  5. Change the Map control's Name property to the original name.